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In 1985, while serving as a Bible Instructor, I began writing a Bible lesson series that was later published as These Last Days Bible Study Guides. A few years later the North American Bible Correspondence School was started, operated by volunteers, which provided free Bible lessons to hundreds of students. Over the years, thousands of sets of These Last Days lessons have been sold in bookstores across America.

On February 1, 2018, Daniel and Revelation Bound Together was published, a convenient Daniel and Revelation study Bible priced so low a person can buy them by the case to give away.

We next produced a six-part Daniel seminar and a twelve-part Revelation seminar that you can use, each with a presenter's edition, presentation slides, and advertising materials. You'll find all of this in our online Store.

If you'd like to do a saturation mailing of Daniel and Revelation Bound Together to any postal route in the United States, please contact us for more information. Thousands of people have been introduced to the prophecies through this means.

Thanks for your interest in Bible Prophecy!

Ken LeBrun

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